Foldable Non Slip Toilet Step Stool

Foldable Non Slip Toilet Step Stool

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  1. NATURAL SQUAT: Adapt the primitive style of squatting for quick and easy relief. You may enjoy the benefits of hygiene from a modern toilet and also the huge health benefits of a natural squat. Aids relieve constipation, bladder issues, piles, hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome.
  2. ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: This portable and lightweight stool is designed with an anti-slip strip at the bottom to avoid trembling or quivering while at use. Additionally, is has a footprint design on top to know where to place your feet and to provide a better grip.
  3. DIMENSION: Measures about 40 x 22 x 17.5 cm (l x b x h). Keep it tucked behind your toilet or simply fold and stack it against your wall.
  4. DIFFUSER SLOT: Comes with a small inbuilt round slot to hold replaceable perfume/fragrance box to dispel a foul smell in your toilet.
  5. BENEFITS: An efficient way to mimic the primeval squatting position to help relieve your bowel, without any harmful pressure for a swift and easy release.
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EASY ELIMINATION: The usual sitting position will choke your colon which makes elimination difficult. When using the squatting stool, the colon is released from a 90 degree to a 35-degree optimal position for a healthy and strain-free release.

ANTI SLIP DESIGN: Provided with an anti-slip pad at the bottom to hold grip to the surface while in use. It also has a footprint design on the top to place your feet at the right angle.

EASY STORAGE: This portable and lightweight stool can be easily stowed under the toilet or you can choose to fold and lean it against the wall.


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